Saturday, 1 January 2011

2010 Highlights

Hello all,

I know it's been a very long time since my last post and yes I did say it would be my last but I though I'd do a little something to tribute the year that was 2010...

For those of you that follow me on Twitter ( @rmenashy - I tweet much more than I blog, simply because 140 characters is a lot quicker and less planned), you might have noticed me going all gushy whilst looking back at the past year. I was inspired by others reminiscing about their years and thought I'd take a step back from 'right now' and look at the things I achieved in 2010.

Whilst being caught up with the job search, the past few months have had some ups and downs but looking back I realised it had been a great year for me..

My absolute highlight of 2010 (and probably the last 5 years) was the Sketchbook pop-up shop that I launched back in March/April. It seems a million years ago since I visited the Sketchbook HQ in Notting Hill and pitched my idea to Wafa (editor-in-chief) and Luma (features editor). They loved the idea and simply said: "Do whatever you'd like and we'll support you". A few months later on 30th March we very excitedly opened the lovely blue door and invited you all to join us for a glass of wine and a cupcake to look at the exhibition, listen to our band and generally explore the venue, which was head to toe with illustrations. I'll never forget that night, or the following weeks jam-packed with lectures, workshops, live music and lots of fun. I met some amazing people: the Sketchbook team, guest speakers, bands, artists and of course lots of visitors.

Then there was Graduate Fashion Week, where I exhibited a film and book of the pop-up. I also attended as Sketchbook press and watched a bunch of the catwalk shows, sitting inches away from Hilary Alexander and Susie Bubble. Although GFW is mostly for designers, it was great to see some Marketing/Promotion/Photography/Illustration work too, and I was pleased to have been selected to exhibit.

Shortly after GFW came GRADUATION DAY. This meant a new dress, new shoes, lots of photos and hugging, 2 very proud parents, champagne and a lovely dinner by the Epsom Downs race course. The one downer to the day was when a fellow graduate threw his hat in the air only for it to knock my (full) champagne glass all over my silk dress.

Next came a well-deserved holiday with the other half and our 2 best friends. Although we stayed in the beautiful and quaint Salies De Bearn, we also took some road trips and visited other areas of SW France, as well as crossing the border to Spain to visit Bilbao and San Sebastian. Other than the wine, the olives, the freshly baked bread and croissants and obviously the company, I'd have to say the Guggenheim museum was definitely a favourite.

After a reasonably quiet summer I was approached by Vauxhall Fashion Scout, who asked me if I'd like to join them at LFW as front of house manager. Again: a chance to meet lots of people, watch some great catwalk shows, work alongside a great team and FROW watch - the most impressive being Jimmy Choo!

In October I had a lodger in the form of my good friend Becky. Stuck up north and wanting to crack London, I offered her a place to stay at Chez Menashy and she gratefully showered us with gifts and lots of giggles over northern slang. Days were spent stuck to our laptops and the occasional trip to Hampstead or Central London. I always wanted a sister!

November was birthday month and Paul treated me to afternoon tea at the Hilton, Park Lane. I drank my FIRST (in life, not just that day) cup of tea (although was some herbal one so perhaps that's cheating) and ate lots of sandwiches, cakes and yummy things. After tea we went down for a massage and glass of champers.

Christmas Day was another good'un with 14 people to feed and entertain. In preparation I must've watched Jamie Oliver's Christmas show at least 3 times with my mum, who was viciously taking notes in order to get everything perfect. On the day there was lots of food, chatter and a game of 'Who am I?' - the old post-it game that never fails with big crowds.

NYE was spent with friends in our pyjamas drinking wine and eating M&S bite-size food whilst playing more games. We hardly even noticed when it hit midnight because we were so wrapped up in our game!

All in all it's been a good year with lots of personal triumphs and great memories.

Happy New Year everyone xx