Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Graduate Fashion Week: International Fashion Show

During Graduate Fashion Week last week, I went to the international catwalk show, featuring the best collections from Munich, Singapore, St Petersburg, Basel and Amsterdam. Sitting metres away from Hilary Alexander and Susie Bubble, I watched each city battle it out in the first ever GFW international show.

What I enjoyed the most way that each designer showcased both menswear and womenswear (even if it was just a single piece of one) as well as the masks (which seemed to be a trend throughout the shows) and (as ever) the shoes. Unfortunately I'd left my camera charger in Epsom whilst staying in London and it died about a third of the way into the show! I tried to make it last by fiddling with the battery but didn't get as many photos as I'd like..

Akademie Mode & Design, Munich:

Denise Nadine Paché

Ramona Lehnerer

Wolfgang Jarnach

Lasalle College of Art, Singapore:

Li Sang

Lidya Chrisfens

AMFL, Amsterdam:

Floor Kolen

SUDT, St Petersburg:

Anna Sergunova

My favourites were Munich and Amsterdam, with St Petersburg definitely my least favourite. They just didn't do anything new and exciting and I felt very uninspired. Although I think it was a good idea to bring some international designers to London's Graduate Fashion Week, to bring in some new press interest etc, I also felt that it wasn't fair to steal the London designers' limelight! What do you think?

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