Sunday, 25 April 2010

4 images to sum up my university career

We've been asked to submit 3 images for the Graduate Fashion Week year book, of which the tutors will pick just 1. How on earth do I sum up 3 years of uni in 1 image?! Obviously it's got to be something I'm proud of and therefore an image from the pop-up shop...

I decided to cheat and produce a couple of moodboards with a number of images on them. Even then I couldn't narrow it down so I ended up choosing 4 - the tutors will just have to deal with it because it's too hard! 

So here is my university career edited down to 4 images...

Illustration by Susan Keys, Poster by Jade Cummings and Photography (mostly) by Sarolta Marton. Oh yes and John-Paul Thurlow for his Covers invitation!

1 comment:

  1. love the 3rd photo of the pop up shop looking out with the blue door open. really lovely. seriously you are owed so many huge congratulations on the whole event. it is incredible. xx