Saturday, 13 March 2010

Face Hunter Book Signing

It was a busy day at Sketchbook yesterday - I spent the morning and first part of the afternoon in the office, followed by a visit to the pop-up shop with our team of illustrators and curators (and then a quick trip with the editors to La Pain for some yummy strawberry tart)!

I then went over to Foyles to catch Yvan Rodic at the FaceHunter book signing, along with Cleide (Sketchbook writer & recently appointed 'discussion panel topic extraordinaire' or some other fancy title we're working on!)..

We took the opportunity to get our books signed whilst having a quick chat, both in French and English... Sadly enough Yvan had to correct my pronunciation of Bisous (the final S is silent!) when I was suggesting what he could write in Cleide's book - she insisted he wrote something in French!
A quick photo opportunity...

Hopefully we twisted his arm to come along to the pop-up shop at some point next month 
(between his crazy schedule)...

Spent my journey home looking through the book and choosing my favourite photographs.

Congrats Yvan on the success of your book - we saw loads of people walking around Tot Ct Road hugging their copies! Hopefully we'll see you again soon...

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