Sunday, 21 March 2010

My week in words

- Stressful
- Exciting
- Unpredictable

It included:
- Planning
- Schedules
- Proposals (for funding, not the other!)
- Cake (as always)
- Sending out invitations
- Writing lists
- Emails
- Emails
- More emails
- Furniture hunting (still need more if anyone knows anyone!?)
- A trip to Costco
- Scouring the Ikea website
- And the Homebase website
- Working out costs
- Lots of train journeys
- Delegating jobs to my lovely helpful assistants
- Carrying round my laptop (sore neck)

And lots more! Hense why I have no time to blog (sobs).. I miss it!

I can't wait for the pop-up shop to open! Countdown 6 days until we start setting up - paintbrushes poised!

Goodnight folks, sorry to be so absent - hope you all come down to Newburgh St to join me at the pop-up. Schedule to be announced very soon!!

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