Friday, 23 October 2009

Are bloggers the new celebrity?

Are bloggers the new celebrity?

Photo-bloggers have become the new fashion elite with magazine editors, trend forecasters, designers and fashion lovers worldwide religiously following their websites.  Several established bloggers were this season invited to sit in the front rows of the Fashion Week shows, alongside magazine editors and VIPs. Within the fashion world, these bloggers are the new celebrity.

Garance Doré & Scott Schuman - Better style & personality than Posh & Becks

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  1. Good point - I think you're right, not only re fashion, but also popular culture, politics, science etc. Bloggers are having more and more impact and can react far more quickly to breaking trends and news than the old-fashioned MSM. The ability of readers to leave comments adds to a blogger's power to reflect "the moment" and can give instant feedback - fashion houses etc. should be monitoring the appropraite blogs to see how they're doing!