Saturday, 17 October 2009

Fake Blogging

So last night on my way to Camden, I received an email from Twitter on my Blackberry

"Face Hunter has requested to follow you on Twitter!"

I excitedly announced this to everyone in the car (yes, a full car) and logged on to Twitter to accept my new follower, only to find out that this 'Face Hunter' was not the real Face Hunter but some other bloke with 9 followers and 3 tweets who is following 588 people. When I clicked on his link last night I got a Twitter message saying something like 'account temporarily unavailable due to strange behavior'..

Well I'm looking at it now and I agree about the strange behavior! He (or she?) has added loads of people, who are all demanding to know why he's trying to pretend to be Yvan Rodic (the real Face Hunter)..

He even wrote a message to Yvan saying "hello how are you?"... Bizarre!

Anyway the point of this story is that this guy is clearly trying to be the next 'Fake Karl' and it's just not going to happen! But just shows how many people are trying to imitate the original bloggers. I'm not trying to be anyone but myself, maybe it would've been more interesting to impersonate Anna Wintour or something but I just don't think I'm funny enough to compete with Fake Karl!

I must say I was a little disappointed in the end that Yvan hadn't requested to follow me :(

x x x

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