Sunday, 2 May 2010

ADvintaged, Wimbledon Village

As promised in my last post ( where I showed off my new 1940s evening bag, I said I'd tell you more about my trip to Wimbledon Village. 

I'm not sure if it's naive of me to presume that everything can be found online nowadays (here's me sounding like I'm 65) but I am extremely disappointed to learn that the very lovely vintage store I wanted to tell you about doesn't have a website. I dragged my poor boyfriend into loads of little shops and after spending a good 15 minutes "oohing" and "aahing" over the shop's contents, I felt bad and rushed off, taking 2 quick reference snapshots on my phone (thinking I could look it up later). 

Had I known there would be no website I would've spent more time taking some decent photographs (I'm never sure whether this is allowed/appropriate in a shop like this) and talking to the owner (who was helping a customer) in order to have a better story to tell. You'll just try to have to imagine it..

The beautiful window display and girly pink exterior of 'ADvantaged' called out to me from across the street so I went inside for a better look.

As I opened the door, I realised I had found a gem. The walls were adorned with shelves made of fashion books, each with a small display of delicate bags, scarves, gloves and hats. The rails carried an array of vintage dresses, each as elegant as the next and clearly handpicked by the buyer (who I wish I'd spoken to!). Underneath the first rail were a row of hat boxes - which I wanted more than I wanted any of the hats - obviously belonging to the range of hats on the next shelf. 

The shop was very well set out, with casual dresses on one rail, evening dresses on another (the most beautiful and expensive in plastic zip bags) suits (skirt and jacket) on another, cardigans and knitwear on another. The cash desk was home to cabinets full of vintage jewellery and leather gloves, as well as headpieces that I wish I could wear but don't think I could pull off.

This is a destination shop that you'd visit for a special dress - the prices are high but you know you'd be the only one wearing it. 

My favourite piece was a cream leather handbag with a telephone dial and handset on it. Very Lady Gaga. I could also very easily have bought a number of silk scarves, leather gloves and pretty cardigans if I had the money to spend. 

Next time you're in Wimbledon Village make sure you stop by for a visit. Please take pictures and send them to me!!!
ADvintaged, 15 High Street, Wimbledon Village, SW19 5DX.


  1. There is a website x

  2. I have actually been here to shop and hands down this place has the greatest dresses available! They all look great and fit perfectly, I had no problems finding something perfect.