Thursday, 13 May 2010

Happy times at the pop-up shop

Last night it sunk in that today really is the last day of the Sketchbook pop-up shop. I had a bit of an emotional outburst in my living room  because I really want to be there for the next few days, at Susie Bubble's talk, at the closing event and even to paint it all back and hand over the keys. Gutted that I'm stuck in Epsom doing all my uni work (deadline Monday) and that I can't escape to say goodbye...

I've decided to make a happy post, showing a lot of the good times I had at the shop... At least all the ones caught on camera! 

Launch Party

Blogs & Brands Panel Discussion

John-Paul Thurlow Private View

Lee Lapthorne Lecture

Photography: Sarolta Marton / Nedim Nazerali and various people on my camera..

1 comment:

  1. It may be the end of the Pop Up Store, but I'm sure it'll be the start of great things for you. You've done great.
    D x