Sunday, 9 May 2010

Annie Driscoll's Private View at the pop-up shop

Last Sunday at the Sketchbook pop-up we held the Private View of Annie Driscoll's first solo exhibition. Her work will be displayed until the shop closes (for real this time) on 14th May. 

A live performance by Dervla O'Shea and Nils O'Hara showed us that you don't need a big band to make good music. Nils was strumming the guitar, blowing into the harmonica, tapping the tambourine and knocking on his guitar (as if it were a drum). Dervla, complete with ripped tights and chipped nails (on purpose I think), sang covers of some of her favourite songs, including MGMT's Electric Feel and Priscilla by Bat for Lashes. I enjoyed watching the guests tapping their feet along to the music (unaware). 

Film and Images courtesy of the very talented Sarolta Marton

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