Friday, 7 May 2010

Hibernating and photo book preview

I'm currently spending my days hibernating in the library working to my final major project deadline. Today I finally sent off my photobook to be printed in time for hand in - Can't wait to see it! I worked on the book together with Kayleigh Moulds, using photographs taken throughout the pop-up shop period to document the event. 

Here's a sneaky peak at some of the images in the book. It features the work of a number of photographers but the shots below are by the very talented Sarolta Marton. I wish I was as good as her with my camera!

I'll do a proper post next week once I've received the book!

P.S: I know I've been neglecting this poor blog recently but my (June's version of) new years resolution is to get back on track once uni is finished (not long now) and post regularly like I did back in 2009, when apart from writing my dissertation, there were no worries in the world about job hunting, graduating, putting on a pop-up shop! 

To view more of Sarolta's work, visit her blog:

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