Friday, 19 February 2010

French Connection's new look

Quite impressed with the re-branding of French Connection.. Their latest S/S 10 campaign has caught my attention..

'His love for his beard is fierce and raw. He knows that a beard is a poem. Do not touch his beard. If you do not know so much about the beard, the man can help you.' - French Connection Manifesto

'Men have lost the ungentle art of manliness. The man in the street doesn't know what to bring to a knife fight. He gets nervous around large fish. He can't tie a full Windsor. Men have forgotten how to snap a bra open with a click of their fingers - women are undoing their own bras to save time! Meanwhile guys are eating little portions of leaves and putting too much gel in their hair... It's time to man up.' - French Connection Manifesto

I don't understand the bunny ears? Can anyone explain? - Marc Jacobs reference? Or Playboy?!

I don't completely understand this concept but it's definitely made me remember the brand. I even stopped in the street to take photographs... Usually I don't pay any attention to French Connection!

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