Sunday, 21 February 2010

Plus - Size - Zero

Last season, Mark Fast caused a media frenzy by sending plus size models down the catwalk to showcase his collection. Despite this, he stuck to his guns and used curvy models again yesterday, during his A/W 2010 show. Alongside these models were the usual (or un-usual!) size zero types...

I'm not sure why he mixed things up - maybe he wasn't confident enough to rely on the curvier models? In my opinion, he should've stuck to the curvy models - because adding the size zeros made them look much bigger in comparison, whereas on their own they look healthy and normal. 

I don't see why more designers haven't embraced curvier women - even just size 10s at least? Slim but with a bit of curve and no bones sticking out...


  1. Although in principle using the curvier models during fashion shows is a great idea, reflecting what most of us really look like, I don't think the material Mark Fast uses for his dresses are very flattering to the curvier women on the catwalk.

  2. Well using healthier models does make the 'usual' catwalk models look extra freakazoid, malnourished and depressing.