Sunday, 7 February 2010

Rules Antique Interiors

Whilst in Windsor over the weekend I discovered a bunch of hidden treasures - lovely little shops that made me want to move to Windsor!

In addition to 'Mostly Boxes' which I mentioned in yesterday's post, I came across another antique store, this time antique interiors. After walking up a very long road that seemed to be taking us a little bit off the beaten track, we noticed a shop with a lovely door. The door was round - I had to go in!

Inside the shop - Rules Antique Interiors - I entered a magical world of kitch furniture and vintage accessories. The shop, over 2 floors, was complete with vintage theatre seats, an antique barbers chair, playful masks and an array of interesting lights.

You MUST go there if you visit Windsor. I could've stayed there for hours! I already plan to go back to Windsor and this shop is definitely on my agenda.

There is a 'Rules' website but it doesn't live up to the store. This is a place where you need to walk around, not just browse the website. I'd like to furnish my (future) house with all lovely pieces from this store. I suppose this wish is almost as likely to come true as me moving to Windsor. Oh well... a girl can dream!

Visit the store:
39 St Leonards Road
Windsor SL4 3BP

Or nose round the website:

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  1. OMG! My bf and I would LOVE this place! Maybe if we ever visit England. :)