Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland

I can't wait to crack out my super cool 3D specs to see Tim Burton's 
Alice in Wonderland! 

Great cast: Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, 
Stephen Fry, Matt Lucas, Barbara Windsor, Alan Rickman and 
Timothy Spall, as well as Alice played by Australian Mia Wasikowska. 
I'm even looking forward to seeing Crispin Gloves- 'Creepy-thin man' 
from Charlies Angels!

Unfortunately, Odeon Cinemas are refusing to screen the movie 
(apart from the premier) in protest to Disney's decision to release the 
film on DVD after 3 months rather than the usual 17 weeks.

“Odeon/UCI has invested considerable sums of money, especially in
 the UK, over the past 12 months to install digital projection systems in its cinemas to enable customers to enjoy 3D. The popularity of 3D titles meant that last year these films played in Odeon/UCI cinemas for an average of 18 weeks from initial release.” - Odeon & UCI Cinema Group.

Watch the trailer here:

Good excuse to shell out the extra cash on an Imax ticket!

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  1. im beside myself excited! Tim hasn't offered us much in the past few, but this looks brilliant!!!