Thursday, 28 January 2010

Biscuits, laptops and dictaphones: Sketchbook HQ

This week I started working at Sketchbook Magazine, a publication that I have mentioned a couple of times previously (see September archive for a review on Issue 1 and December archive for a Q&A with editor-in-chief Wafa Alobaidat). I am working on an exciting project that I will fill you in on at a later stage..

In the Sketchbook studio you will find:

- An endless supply of biscuits
- Lots of busy interns
- Rows of laptops
- Plug sockets full of chargers
- Dictaphones, cameras, more chargers
- Magazines
- Music playing (everything from Gaga to Chilli Peppers)
- People coming and going all day (writers, interviewees etc)
- Wafa and Luma (features editor) with endless lists of things to do
- More biscuits

Today I went location hunting around Shoreditch for a gallery space for an exhibition project I am working on. Juggling my laptop bag, camera, notebook and handbag was a bit of a challenge but I managed somehow (regularly swapping my bags from shoulder to shoulder)! I came across some great spaces and spend the afternoon sending emails out enquiring about the availability of some of my favourites. I also searched for more potential locations and looked into all the nifty boring bits like funding. 

Tomorrow we have a video guy coming to film the Sketchbook team at work - should be interesting!

Goodnight all x

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