Monday, 18 January 2010

Fur: acceptable or not?

Since gaining the vintage coney fur coat a couple of weeks ago, I have been involved in quite a few discussions about fur – Is it morally acceptable now? Are certain furs worse than others? are people going to throw paint on me like they did to Samantha in SATC?

In yesterday’s Telegraph, there was an article debating these same issues. The conclusion seemed to be that if the fur is vintage it is more acceptable and people do not feel so guilty about wearing it (even a vegetarian).  

I would like to discuss the following points and invite you to offer your answers/opinions...

1. People eat rabbits at restaurants. These rabbits have been killed to provide 'dinner' for people like us (I would like to point out that I have never eaten rabbit and by 'us' I mean people who eat in restaurants). Why is it right that rabbits can feature on a menu in a restaurant but wrong to wear a fur coat? These rabbits inevitably are skinned in preparation to be cooked - what else should we do with the fur? 

2. Is it more acceptable if the coat is Vintage? Why?

3. Is rabbit fur better/worse than Mink? Some argue that rabbit fur is not as bad because rabbits are not in danger of becoming extinct, unlike mink which is. Then again, people keep rabbits as pets so is it more cruel to wear rabbit than mink?

4. If a fur coat is hanging on a rail at a store and one customer refuses to buy it, somebody else will...

5. Should role models such as Kate Moss be seen wearing fur? Kate's style is copied by millions of girls (and women) - is she giving a bad impression? 


Please note:

I am hoping this post will start a debate, as I am interested in people's opinions and reasons for or against the use of fur in clothing.. My choice to wear fur may not be liked by some people, I would like to point out that I do not want this post to offend anyone. If you don't agree, tell me why...


  1. 1. I would personally be more likely to wear rather than eat rabbit. The eating of it seems less acceptable somehow.
    2.Vintage coats have been around for a while and should be recycled - which I'm definitely into.
    3. Mink are feral creatures and even though their fur is more desirable, mink are not aiming for extinction, so why not wear it?
    4. Agreed.
    5. I don't mind fur being worn by anyone, and Kate Moss is just showing that this is acceptable. Too many people are on the "fur is bad" bandwagon. I bet most of these people eat meat and wear leather, so what's the difference?

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  3. 1. I would eat Rabbit, I wear Rabbit and to be honest don't feel a moment of guilt. Not because I'm heartless because if it's not me enjoying the luxury it's someone else.

    2. People who say it is more acceptable to wear vintage fur are just trying to justify the fact they are indulging in something they maybe shouldn't be. I only own vintage fur and yes I suppose that does make me feel a little better but if I could afford it then I would be sporting it.

    3. Fur is fur.

    4. Precisely.

    5.I don't care. Wear what you want to wear.

    I enjoyed this post a lot.

  4. I'm having a debate with myself about buying a coat that's accented on the collar and wrist with black rabbit. It's not like it's a full fur coat. My debate, with me, is that an animal that you can eat is acceptable as appose to an animal that is just skinned for their fur...that's totally wrong. That's like killing a Elephant for it's tusk. After reading your post and discussions I'm leaning toward getting this warm coat. Through the years man has used everything from an animal that is killed for food. (Primitive man used sinew for sewing) I love rabbit, to eat, so why can't I wear it? I'm actually being a conservationist in a sense and it's my body and I want warmth in the winter. My Daddy always said, "Don't kill what you're not going to eat!" soooo...don't wear what you know wasn't killed for food.. I don't want to offend anybody and it's not a fashion's an incredibly warm coat and the fabric is water proof!

  5. i think that buying or even selling fur is completly outragous. This is because the manufactors do not use the animals for meat after they have been skinned so it doesnt matter if restaurants sell rabbit or not!

  6. Wearing fur now adays has no meaning what so ever. Because we have other faberics that replace the use of fur such as cotton which keep us warm without having to harm animals. Being vegetarien i am completly against the act of harming animals. Many people also do not understand that 'ugg' boats are made of fur. This involves slaughtering the sheep to get the sheep skin. This would be done on a fur farm where the animals will not be used as meat but will be left to rot.

  7. Its absolutely disgusting the way all of these celebrities prance around in real fur coats, when the animals which have provided it have been stolen, caged, battered and skinned alive for her privelidge!!! they shouldnt throw red paint they should throw proper blood!

  8. People don't seem to be so upset about wearing laether- as they justify it by saying it is a by product of food- but they are kidding themselves if they think the qualtiy leather used for handbags and shoes in most shops today is a by product of meat- that is just as bred as fur- and some bags and clothing that are made of leather such as ostritch and snake etc- is certainly not a by product. I think people frown on fur out of ignorance because it still resembles the animal and I suppose is more"in your face" than leather. I also think there is jealousy aspect to it as well as fur represents luxury, opulance and elitism in some people's eyes . My mother in law really frowns on fur, but has a beautiful collection of designer leather shoes and bags and eats meat- so what's the difference? What point are these idiots making throwing paint on someone wearing fur- it's so distructive and now those animals truly did die in vain. People say they wouldn't wear fur or are vegetarian, but are happy to take medication or medical help which is a result of animal testing. The fact is that everything we do contributes to hurting the enviiroment- whether it's getting on a plane or using a computer or any other modern technology, and unless a person is prepared to live in a cave, grow their own food and cotton to weave their own cloth that they can then turn to clothing and never, ever use any modern technology, they should keep their opinions to themselves. Me, I say live and let live- if you want to eat meat then eat it, and the same goes for wearing fur- there are a lot worse things n life :) .

  9. I just acquired a preowned mink stole and I LOVE IT. I intend to wear it, anyone throws anything on me, the fight is on and I intend to file and pursue criminal charges against that person. Animals are not equal to people. I am a carnivore, I eat meat and intend to continue eating meat. I also carry leather handbags, wallets and wear leather shoes and I am not in the least interested in who likes it or not, none of their business, they are free to make their own choices just like me.

    Yes there is a jealousy aspect to it, beyond question. Many people simply cannot afford the luxuries in life and resent that others can have what they cannot.

  10. i love natural fur,and those who dont like,just dont have enough money;)

  11. The animals are electrocuted with rods inserted vaginally and anally to bring about a heart attack and stun/kill them and then skinned.
    Imagine being raped and electrocuted simultaneously, that's what it feels like for the animal...

    That's why people don't want to wear real fur.

    1. So the reason people get angry with you for wearing fur is not jealously. It's because by wearing it you're advertising little creatures having the above done to them.