Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Deadline is fast approaching

With Monday creeping up fast I've not had time to update as usual.. There's lots of things to be stuck down, annotated, referenced, printed, bound etc. so I've been pretty busy.

I took an eventful drive down to PC world in the snow today to stock up on ink cartridges in order to print this ENTIRE blog, almost crashing into a hedge when my tyres decided to lock. Eventful indeed..

My nails are in dire need of some attention and I haven't worn makeup in about a week, in fact I've hardly left the house all week. Somehow I have managed to still fit in time to watch a True Blood episode almost every night - there are some things that can't be avoided...

If it were up to me I'd take a 2 week trip somewhere hot, away from all the snow, books and laptops to a place where I could relax without thinking about uni. But it's not up to me so I will continue to read the books, write the dissertation, fill the sketchbook, write the journal and pray that time slows down or that uni is closed on Monday due to the snow (fingers and toes are crossed).

Sorry to be absent for a few days but as you can see I've been pretty snowed under (pardon my pun)..

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