Monday, 11 January 2010

Q&A with Avue Darien-Gordon of Daydream Network

The latest in my series of Q&As is an interview with Avue Darien-Gordon of Daydream Network. 

In addition to hosting live events and running an online community, Daydream also produces a quarterly publication - Daydream Magazine - which according to the website, they like to call Society's Scrapbook.  'With 80 pages of poetry, artwork of all styles sat side by side, this truly represents the diversity of the world we live in. We see the publication as the forefront of what we do and maintains our ethos and energy, developing free thinking'.

Avue is the director of Daydream Network.

R: Do you follow any blogs? If so, which are your favourites and why?

A: "I don’t really follow blogs, I guess as someone is always feeding me information. I use a programme now called Feedly. It enables me to organise all my favourite information sources into a manageable profile, which can be used as blog to inform others".

 R: Why did you start a Daydream Network blog? 

 A: "The blog was started by an old colleague; it is a great tool to keep others up to date, thinking and being inspired by the company ethos. It gives the viewer something to talk about. Do you think that all this readily available information at hand is good for idea generation or immediate copycats? I think that it has damped the process of study".

 R: How many hits does your blog get per day and how has this evolved since the start in 2006?

 A: "I don’t know, between 2007 - 2008 we received mega hits as we were more active but as of late we are in transition and hits haven’t been so cool".

 R: Do you think print magazines will still be around in 10 years time or will they have turned to the internet? 

 A: "Print will always be around as its reliable you can feel it. I think magazines will locate a new position, as something more viable, cheaper, and like some cases free".

 R: Do you feel that Daydream is doing enough to keep up with the online boom? 

 A: "We are trying although its difficult as technology constantly changes and evolves. We have taken the approach that we must set our stall at a managable position and evolve where necessary as what we do is people based and fundamentally about events and art."


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