Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The return of the rabbit

Last week, whilst my parents were reminiscing about the good old days with an old friend, they decided to whack out an old photo album (one of the many stacked up in a cupboard upstairs that have not been looked at for about 10 years). Flicking through the pages, we came across a photograph of my mum and aunt in fur coats...

'I've still got that in a bag in the top cupboard upstairs' my mum exclaimed.

I then paused and looked at her in shock. I have been talking about fur jackets for a good few months now and here she was admitting there had been one right under my nose this whole time.

Obviously I sent her upstairs to dig it out straight away! She brought it down and looked at it, holding it in such a way that I could only see half of the label. 'Saint Laurent' I read. 

'What? Mum, Yves Saint Laurent?'

She then handed me the jacket so that I could see the full label 'Jacques Saint Laurent'. Damn. 

Still, whilst my dad was busy telling my mum how nice it was and asking why she didn't wear it, I held on tightly, claiming that it was now mine. Luckily the sleeves are too short for my mum so that option was out of the question anyway. 

After trying it on in the mirror and asking my mum what type of fur it was, I discovered that it was in fact coney fur. Yes, thats right, rabbit.

Crap... I'm extremely allergic to rabbits!

Luckily I do not seem to be allergic to this rabbit, maybe it's too old to affect me or maybe it's only live rabbits that make me sneeze, wheeze and itch. Either way, I am a very happy bunny (unlike some) and yesterday I took my first trip with the coat...

Here's another image of my mum wearing the coat (my dad is the one hugging her)

We figured out she was about 19 in this photo, making the year 1981. Almost 30 years later and the coat is still in great condition and has been offered a new lease of life (well, sort of).

Thanks mum!


  1. Great blog Rach, you look fab in the coat. You're very welcome. Mum x

  2. According to Ukranian experts, the best way to keep fur looking good is to lightly rub fresh snow into it and then let it dry.