Sunday, 31 January 2010

iamamiwhoami - The internet's Banksy

Three short videos posted by 'iamamiwhoami' have caused a major debate amongst YouTube users. I for one am not much of a YouTube girl but after hearing about this I spent a good hour and a half watching and re-watching the videos and reading back all the comments that people had posted in response to this viral marketing campaign. I then re-visited the page the next day and the next...

The videos each last about a minute long and were released 3 weeks apart (in order to drive viewers crazy no doubt!). Viewers are spending ages decoding numbers (each video title is made up of a sequence of numbers) and arguing with each other about whether the woman in the video is Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera or many others. 

After reading all the comments I think Christina Aguilera is behind it, with lots of clues pointing to her...

The title of the 1st video 'Prelude 699130082.451322' has been decoded to mean 'CH . AG' (CHristina AGuilera). Adding all the numbers before the decimal point equals 38. If A=1, B=2 etc then 3=C and 8=H. Adding the numbers after the point gets 17. 1=A, 7=G.

Using the same method as the first example, the title of the 2nd video '' translates to 'I. A.M. CH'.

The title of the 3rd video '' has been decoded as 'I.T.S. M.E. C' (which could be C for Christina or C as in see).

In one of the videos you see a strawberry cake floating in water. The week of it's release Christina was photographed at the Pee Wee Herman LA Show wearing a strawberry cake T-shirt.

Christina has worked with artists such as Goldfrapp, Ladytron and Sia for her new album 'Bionic', due for release later this year (Bionic = nature, life, technology). 

Sia is from Australia - the address of iamamiwhoami's page is Australian. One of the tracks that features Sia on the album is called 'I am'. Other tracks include 'Birds of Prey' - there's an owl clip in one of the videos - and 'Lullaby' - there's lullaby music in one of them too.

In the 3rd video at 26/27 seconds you see a knee briefly coming out of the water with a faint inscription on it. Someone has copied this to read 'Xtina'.

The original videos have now been deleted and a new set has been re-posted, replacing only the original animal clips with illustrations of the same animal. This could be a sign or it could just be because the animal clips were taken from an existing video and they got in trouble!

I know this post is jumbled and confusing, trust me I've come back to it 3 days in a row to try and unjumble it but if you watch the videos then read this back it will make more sense I promise!

View the videos at:

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