Thursday, 19 November 2009

Birthday Thoughts

Well it's officially past 12 o clock so it's now my Birthday! Yes 22, not as exciting as last year was but I've still managed to stretch it out for a week...

Last Saturday I celebrated (alongside my boyfriend Paul who's birthday was on the 10th) at Proud Galleries in Camden. Today (once I've slept and woken up) I'm heading into London for some dinner and to see the theatre production of Sister Act (Number 2 was one of my favourite films). On Friday night I'm off to see New Moon with my housemates and on Saturday we're having a cocktail party at the flat...


I cant believe I forgot to mention yet another birthday trip I will be taking on Sunday.. another trip to the theatre (following Oliver last week and Sister Act last night) to see Marilyn & Ella at the Apollo theatre. This show is based on the true story of the friendship between Marilyn Monroe & Ella Fitzgerald. I am really looking forward to this and can't believe I left it out when listing my birthday plans - It was about 1am when I finished this post though!


I've not done anything particularly inspiring today so I thought I'd do a blog post about my birthday...

November 19th is the 323rd day of the year.

Other people born on 19th November include:
Calvin Klein (1942)

Meg Ryan (1961)

Jodie Foster (1962)

McCaughey septuplets (1997) : The world's first surviving set of septuplets

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  1. Let's not forget "Marilyn & Ella". Cue Marilyn singing "Happy Birthday".

  2. I have edited the post now! Sorry.. was very tired when writing! Am very excited! x