Monday, 23 November 2009

Q&A with Claire Foster of WGSN

As part of my dissertation research, I am in the process of e-mailing various industry contacts with a few brief questions about their views on the 'Blogging Boom'. The point of this series of Q&As is to see how different industry professionals are responding to the rise in online media and blogging and how it has affected their jobs.

Claire Foster is the Associate Editor for WGSN's Footwear & Accessories trends department. 

WGSN Profile : 'Since gaining a fashion design degree at UCE in Birmingham, Claire has been involved in a number of creative and womenswear design-based roles and projects. She established a womenswear design collective and retail space, which culminated in running her own womenswear and accessories label No Dice.'

Claire Foster

R: How regularly do you visit Street Style blogs such as The Sartorialist and Face Hunter?

C: "Everyday more or less."

R: How important / relevant are these types of blogs to you when looking for new trends?

C: "They are very relevant as they give us an insight into how directional dressers are styling looks and referencing designers or just wearing something that we haven't seen before, around the world. The global appeal of these sites is massive for us too; the ability to see what people are wearing on the streets in so many different countries is great."

R: Which are your top 3 style blogs? - Why?

C: "Garance Doré, has beautiful pictures and a refreshing take on street style. Facehunter, great international coverage and slightly more directional street looks. The Sartorialist, classic, great photos, reliable content. Those are the three constant ones I guess, and the more established ones but there are a number that I dip into sporadically with more niche audiences."

R: Do you feel threatened or refreshed by these blogs that are celebrating individual style rather than people who follow trends? - Why?

C: "Definitely refreshed, it is brilliant to be able to see what people are doing with their own personal style. Most of the time you can identify the trends being played out in the photos from these blogs but sometimes you see something amazing and inspiring that you haven't seen before which is part of the reason for checking them so regularly."

R: What are your predictions for the future of fashion? - Is the future of fashion media online? Will fashion weeks end as all the shows turn to the Internet?

C: "I think online media is most probably the future of fashion, but I don't think that means the end of fashion weeks. I think it is still crucial to have those events as long as people can afford to put them on! But I do think we will start to see more online innovative projects to do with fashion in the near future."

Many Thanks Claire x

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