Sunday, 29 November 2009

The smallest style icon: Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise : the smallest, sweetest style icon

Since reading Grazia's story on Suri Cruise the other day, I haven't been able to stop talking about it. There she was, walking along the street in a pair of kitten heels. I didn't know whether to find it cute or disturbing that a three year old girl was allowed to wear these? I soon found out it wasn't the first time either! Suri, daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, has been photographed in some of the most stylish outfits and definitely wins my vote for 'Cutest Celebrity Child' but I think the heels are was taking it a step too far (literally). 

Grazia reported that Katie Holmes spends 25,000 a month on Suri's wardrobe - more than a lot of people earn in an entire year - to ensure that Suri is 'the most fashionable kid in Hollywood'. The article went on to say that they spent£5,000 on a ruby pendant in the shape of a cricket which Suri picked out herself (expensive taste). She's growing up with everything she could possibly want and more, I highly doubt she'll ever learn value of money... There is even a Suri Cruise fashion blog :

Even Suri gets tired of shopping sometimes

Of course, she is without a doubt incredibly cute and yes, stylish but I'm feeling a bit disturbed that she's fast becoming my new fashion crush! 

Katie, who apart from marrying Tom is most famous for being Joey in Dawson's Creek, has launched a clothing line Holmes and Yang with stylist Jeanne Yang, including pint sized clothing often spotted on Suri. In a interview, Katie said "Jeanne's girls and my daughter have a point of view of what they want to wear... I'm constantly amazed by all the colors and layers that Suri will put together". When discussing the key design element for the little girl's clothes Yang explained "It has to twirl".

See the full article at :

Although I find the whole kids in heels really inappropriate, I can't help but think she looks cute! 

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