Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Lady Gaga : Bad Romance

Lady Gaga never fails to impress...
I was introduced to her new 'Bad Romance' video today.

As always, she transforms herself into many different characters - My favourite outfits are the white polar bear faux-fur coat designed by Benjamin Cho and the green Alexander McQueen outfit (no idea how she walks in those shoes). 

I don't know which scene is scarier - crazy Gaga in the bath with big glassy eyes or even Crazier Gaga with the corpse boyfriend on the bed?

I do wonder somehow if she's started to invent her own languages though "Ra ra-ah-ah-ah, Roma Roma-ma, GaGa oh la-la"..!

Do you think we'll all be wearing gold mesh on our nails soon?

View the video at: http://cache.umusic.com/web_assets/ladygaga/site/badromance/default2.html

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