Friday, 27 November 2009

Virtual London

I came across an interesting article about a new Virtual environment of the West End. Think Google Streetview merged with Second Life. 'Near London' has been designed to promote online spending and the software will be constantly updated. 'Near London' goes live on Monday 30th November.

"Near London is an exact 3D copy of the capital's main shopping area; Regent Street, Bond Street, and Oxford Street. Piccadilly Circus is there as well. 

It's been designed to promote online retail and users will be able to find a store's website by clicking on its digital shopfront. 

Selecting an item in the window brings up details for that product.

So far, dozens of big name companies have signed up. The people behind Near London say they hope to get every West End retailer on board. 

The service is also able to interact with social networking sites. Facebook users can meet their friends online and discuss purchases using video chat."

To view the full article and watch the video footage, visit:

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  1. Hi there,
    just to clarify we hope that NearLondon will do more than just promote online spending. Our aim is to wrap as much of the internet's services and information as is relevant around 3D models of the real world, so eventually one might be able to take virtual public transport journeys, visit galleries or go to virtual events in the company of your Facebook friends.

    Just as London is far more than just a mall we hope that NearLondon will evolve into a similarly rounded platform. Retail however was a good starting point and we've chosen to launch with that and social networking as the key functions. There will be new content including the first game in the New Year
    best wishes
    Jonathan Kent