Monday, 16 November 2009

Channel 4 goes 3D

We've had a bunch of 3D glasses hanging around our flat for a couple of weeks now and finally got to try them out tonight. 

First, the Queen's Coronation - nothing too exciting, a few horses set slightly in front of everything else and a few close ups of the Queen. I wasn't very impressed and my eyes were feeling funny...

I decided to be open minded and give Derren Brown's show a shot. This proved to be much better than the Queen's Coronation. With 3D interactive card tricks and various magic tricks, this program was much more obviously 3D. The glasses were still very annoying and I was kicking myself for throwing away the Ray Ban looking 3D glasses I got from Odeon earlier this year. 

I was probably more enthusiastic about the Coca Cola advert and the short 3D JLS clip that played during the breaks. Let's just say I won't be rushing home to watch the rest of the series but if I find myself at home when one of the scary movies is on, I might give that a go. When looking at the schedule, I found out that T4 will also be played in 3D this weekend with guests including Pixie Lott and Twilight's Michael Sheen (shame it's not Rob Pattinson - We'd all love to see him in 3D!) as well as JLS who will be performing 3 of their hits.

Loads of people from all over the UK and Ireland have been complaining that their local Sainsbury's weren't selling them or were sold out... some even suggesting alternatives such as using Quality Street wrappers! Seems channel 4 need to think of a better way to distribute them - maybe in a newspaper or by post? 

They also need to reconsider the programs - I doubt that Miley Cyrus will be any better in 3D and wasn't in the least bit interested in watching the Paul O'Grady show in 3D either... 

3D TV : The future?

I wouldn't be surprised if we are all watching TV in 3D in 10 years time - 3D will be the new HD. Sky is already planning to launch a 3D channel next year and Sony claims it will be selling 3D televisions across the world by the end of next year.

A Sky spokesperson told the Daily Mail that they welcome other broadcasters' experimentation with the 3D format, but they also wanted to make it clear that the 3D experience has "moved on considerably from the red and green glasses of the 1980s."

Personally, I'm looking forward to a trip to the Imax Cinema to see 'Avatar' in December - I'm sure it will be much more impressive than any of the Channel 4 shows!

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