Saturday, 28 November 2009

Meet my new Carvelas!

After a slight hiccup with the Kurt Geiger store I finally bought myself a new pair of shoes :)

It turns out that although Westfield shopping centre is open until 10pm on a Friday, Kurt Geiger (amongst other stores) closes at 9. So after a scrumptious dinner at Fire & Stone, I hopped along to Kurt Geiger excitedly (at 9.15), only to find the doors locked (yes, I shook them just to check!). Needless to say I was extremely gutted and was moaning about it the whole way home. In the end, my lovely boyfriend felt so sorry for me that he drove me there again today (yes, all the way from Epsom). 

These babies have a whopping 5 inch heel (yes I got the ruler out!) which is definitely my highest heel yet. Better get practicing to perfect my walk and ensure I don't have any embarrassing slip-ups (literally).

This decision was not made lightly... I tried on at least 9 or 10 other pairs before finally weighing up these two... The navy ones were suede with a patent platform and heel. I loved the suede material but decided I had nothing to wear with them so the black ones (in leather) were more practical. I don't think practical is a word that most would use to describe these...

Now I just need somewhere to go!

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