Sunday, 8 November 2009

Chanel J12

For a long time now I've wanted to get a new watch. I have a delicate white gold bangle-type Hugo Boss watch that I got about 6 years ago but I haven't actually worn a watch for at least 4 years... Also, I wear gold much more often than I wear silver. In addition to a lot of the jewellery I wear, there is gold detailing on my most used handbags and boots.

What I really want is a Chanel J12 Watch - but unfortunately, money doesn't grow on trees so this watch is a little out of my depth!

I have been looking around at J12 inspired watches and here are a few I have found...

Folli Follie

Michael Kors


They may not be the real thing and I am still undecided but I might be one step closer to the J12 look I am after. I will keep you posted with the decision...

Any other suggestions are very welcome too 
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  1. If you get an "inspired" watch, it'll be a good excuse to get yourself another one sooner rather than later without feeling guilty.

  2. Can't you get your Daddy to buy you one?