Monday, 9 November 2009

The "Shag Band"

I came across an interesting article today that I wanted to share...

Would you let your daughter wear a "shag band"?
Children as young as eight are wearing "shag bands" to school in the latest playground trend

I remember the phase back from the nineties when we all wore them. They were cool. You could swap. If you were really creative you would link two together and wear them like an entirely new bracelet. The more you had the better.

Shag Bands

When did they become about sex? I certainly didn't know they were "Shag Bands" when I wore them! 

I decided to look them up on facebook and found a page with almost 16,000 members. I also looked at the groups where I found comments such as:

"i gt 76 n where them all 2 skool!xlol"
"i gt 47 now n didnt buy any of em gt em of these lads at skool! lol!! x
" i looooove shag bands! they're sik! they're so...err...bright and...err...cheesy? hahaha no they're reely cooool! everyone has got them although i use bobble or just any old bangle thing! hahaha just wanted to fit in a bit thats all !! =)"
"i have loads of elastic silver ones. i like wearin them wid orange cuz they luk so wik"

They are being banned in more and more schools and parents are being urged to confiscate them. I looked up the meanings of each colour (varying on different websites), it is quite shocking that kids as young as 8 even know these words... Although it is quite worrying that these kids are 'pinging' eachothers bracelets and giving them sexual meanings, I very much doubt that they are actually fulfilling the 'requirements' when pinged. 

Interesting article though, take a look:

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  1. yeah i remember these back in the day...but back then they were shag bands in the respect that if a boy broke a band off your wrist you had to 'shag' him! they have got a little more creative over the years, with the different colours meaning different things...dirty little sods!! x

  2. I was obviously an innocent child who didn't realise what was going on right in front of me!