Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Adagio Berlin

Its been a busy couple of days since landing home from Berlin, what with uni deadlines etc. I still haven't properly had a chance to write about it but I am also waiting for my friends to upload their photos!

I did want to share an amazing location that we magically stumbled upon on Saturday night. The hotel lobby had loads of little cards of places to go out and we chose the venue that claimed to be 'one of the finest clubs'... We never for a second actually thought it would be as amazing as the little card made out. Adagio was one of the best nights out I've had in a long time and really made the weekend as good as it was (excusing the lack of sleep on Sat night followed by an early start on Sunday).

Walking down the long grand stairs, I saw a beautiful bar which even had a waterfall... Little did I know this was just the reception area! We walked through to the main club which was probably one of the biggest clubs I've ever been to which somehow still managed to be packed. The interior was rich with colours and architectural furniture, with high ceilings and lots to look at. Great music, great company, all in all a great night!

It is also a member of the worlds finest clubs..

"Located on Potsdamer Platz in the very heart of Berlin, the ADAGIO is the most contrastive venue of the nation’s multi-faced capital, what with its unique ambience. Here, the most diverse styles meld into a compelling melange of the decorative arts. The interior architecture derives its impulses from the legacy of various periods of the past – You’ll find antique choir stalls, ubiquitous angels of all sizes, frescoes, murals and painted ceilings. Add to this the patina on coffered wooden ceilings, enchanting colonnades, Romanesque window arches spanning Byzantine painted glass windows. The very essence of nightlife and entertainment." -

If you're ever in Berlin, make sure you pay Adagio a visit!

Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 1
10785 Berlin

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