Saturday, 19 December 2009


Yesterday I took a trip in the snow and ice to the Imax cinema where I saw the eagerly awaited film of 2009 - Avatar. 

The film, directed by James Cameron is the most expensive Hollywood movie to date, with a budget of $237 million (£144 million). Cameron is most famous for Titanic, which was a huge success back in 1997, and The Terminator films. 

Avatar has been on the cards for 14 years whilst Cameron waited for 3D technology to advance in order to cater for his extreme vision. Rightly so, the special effects were extremely impressive, especially in 3D where I felt like I was almost running through the forest with Jake Sully (Sam Worthington's character). It's hard to describe the beauty of Pandora (the planet inhabited by the Omitacayan race) but the visuals throughout were outstanding.

I think it's definitely worth going to see properly at the Imax rather than in 2D on some small screen.

Watch the film's trailer at:

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