Monday, 7 December 2009

Barbie's Red Soles by Christian Louboutin

Barbie might be in her 50s now but she's still looking great for her age! She has since had a breast reduction and after taking advice from her 'godfather' Christian Louboutin, she has now undergone an operation to make her feet smaller. Mr Louboutin has given Barbie a fashion makeover  and specially designed 4 new pairs of shoes to complete her new look. He's also designed us some real size shoes in Barbie Pantone colour 219 pink.

The first Barbie by Christian Louboutin 'Cat Burgler Barbie' sold out in just one day after going on sale on 4th November at Net-A-Porter. The Louboutin Barbie is £100 and includes Barbie herself in a sexy catsuit and 4 mini Louboutins, complete with mini Louboutin boxes and cloth bags. Also available is a Paris travel journal including holiday snaps of Barbie & Christian Louboutin.

There will be more Louboutin Barbies released in 2010. Here is a photoshoot that Louboutin had with his favourite doll... 

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