Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Q&A with Susie Lau of Style Bubble

The latest of my series of Q&A's is with Susanna Lau, the girl behind the widely adored fashion blog 'Style Bubble'. Describing herself on Twitter as "A girl who likes a good chunky heel but hates chunky cheese", Susie has captured the attention of just about anyone who follows the big fashion blogs. She is currently commissioning editor for Dazed Digital at Dazed & Confused but still considers herself "a fashion-outsider". 

Photographed on her balcony by her boyfriend, blogger  Style Salvage Steve

R: I read on your FAQs that your blog gets about 15,000 hits per day. Is this still accurate and how has this evolved over time (Since March 2006)?

S: "This has upped now to 20,000 hits a day... this traffic grew quite organically over the three and a half years.... no sudden spikes or anything."

R: Do you see other bloggers as competition or part of a community? - Why?

S: "Definitely a community!  Especially now that we start physically seeing each other at fashion weeks, it's kind of like an odd kindred spirits group that comes together and we're all sort of thinking " weird that we're all at fashion week...".  Besides, we're also all very different.  I think if you look at the top bloggers, they're all very unique in their viewpoint, blog style etc..."

R: Would you be interested in socialising with your network of followers and/or fellow bloggers or would you prefer to remain separate?

S: "I already to socialise with fellow bloggers - albeit not regularly of course as we're so widely scattered.  But online, we talk on Twitter etc... as for followers, it's the same, I'm not unreachable.... I answer emails, Tweets and comments.  Depends on what you mean by socialising."

R: What are your predictions for the future of fashion? - Is the future of fashion media online? Will fashion weeks end as all the shows turn to the internet?

S: "No, these are ridiculous propositions.  The fashion industry and how it works currently is very tenacious and not really open to change and maybe that's a good thing because they will fight to preserve things like beautiful printed editorials and fashion shows that have been this way for decades.  Certain aspects will of course change and the internet will be incorporated into the industry (which is what we're experiencing now...) but it's about working with the internet as opposed to the internet forcing things to end."

Thanks Susie xx

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