Friday, 4 December 2009

Guest Lecture: Peter York

I attended a lecture today by guest speaker Peter York who was both thoroughly entertaining and interesting, which is why I have decided to share this with you.

Peter York, real name Peter Wallis is a man of many talents: a management consultant, author, broadcaster, journalist and style guru. He is best known for co-writing ‘The Sloane Ranger Handbook’ (a hugely successful trade book in the 80s) and being style editor at Harpers & Queen for ten years, but has also written a handful of other books, written columns for various publications and starred in his own BBC series. 

He is extremely suave and very well dressed with a perfectly posh British accent. Everything he spoke about he described as “delicious” and he had the audience well and truly captured.

One of the subjects he discussed was the reference group theory. When describing a negative reference group he suggested we think of a set of people that we would think “if it’s right for them, it’s wrong for me”. E.g. If Katie Price was wearing a particular pair of sunglasses, I wouldn’t be seen dead in them. York’s example was Sting – whatever Sting does it wrong for him.

 Some of York’s views…

 Twitter: “Nobody over 40 should talk about Twitter”

iPhone apps: “They are exciting for now” - York compared them to fridges in the 1950s – new and exciting at the time but they have now become the norm.

 Blogs: “What you do if nobody will hire you!”

York is currently working as a management consultant for the FSA (Financial Services Authority), working for the BBC and writing a book…

Final message of hope: “What is it that money can’t buy?…Poverty”

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