Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Leona Lewis goes cool

X Factor's biggest success story is most definitely Leona Lewis, but although her voice is powerful and she sings with loads of emotion, I can't help feeling bored by her. That is until now...

What happened? She's suddenly the queen of cool? First she covers Snow Patrol's 'Run', then she gets a huge style revamp by Vivienne Westwood and now she is covering Oasis!? Simon Cowell is definitely doing something right with her, she has become more relevant and contemporary without having to change the way she sings at all (which is pitch perfect).

Dame Viv dressed Leona for the cover of her new album 'Echo', which shows a new and exciting Leona looking a little less boring and a lot more high fashion. Leona also appears in Vivienne Westwood designs in her video and promotional images for 'Happy'.

According to Hilary Alexander, 'each gown is made-to-measure in Westwood's couture atelier in Central London, constructed around a fitted, wasp-waisted, boned leotard, and features the designer’s signature cleavage-enhancing corset, allied to a romantic, crinoline-style skirt.'

More good news for Leona, the man who attacked her in October at her book signing has been sent indefinitely to a hospital under the Mental Health Act order. 

On that note, I'm off to plan my outfit for this year's X Factor Wrap party! x

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