Monday, 28 December 2009

Tavi: Born to blog

Sorry for the lack of festive posts, although I did warn you they would probably not happen due to me being too busy eating / drinking / doing family things etc.

I have just been writing a chapter for my dissertation about Tavi, the 13 year old fashion blogger who took the industry by storm back in September by skipping school to sit in the front rows at New York Fashion Week. Her blog 'Style Rookie' includes catwalk analyses, her thoughts on fashion and images of her in fashion forward outfits, mostly made up of designer and vintage finds.

But why is it that the media has gone mad for her? So she's 13 and she probably doesn't fit into all the clothes she blogs about but she's respected by the industry. She's graced the cover of magazines Pop and Love, contributed to The Pop blog and become muse to Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte. When looking at what the media has said about her in the past, it is clear that not everyone is so supportive of her but she has done well, closing in on half a million hits per month (says Pop).

Tavi's Front Cover for Love

Tavi’s generation grew up with the Internet and technology surrounding them so it is easy to see how she came across blogging at an early age (she started the blog aged 11). To the older fashion audience, she seems to be a novelty act, but although it is less common for people of her age to be blogging about fashion in such a knowledgeable way, teenagers worldwide are logging on to social networking sites such as Facebook and Bebo and networking with people they have never met. 

‘I learn a lot interacting with people on the internet’ Tavi told Pixie Geldof in an interview for Love Magazine.

Pop described Style Rookie as ‘a perfect example of a young girl from the suburbs of Chicago using technology to expand her world and then using it to expand ours’.

Tavi's Christmas Eve outfit

Will she be as popular once she's in her 20s, who knows? But for now, she's dedicated to her blog (she even posted on Xmas day!) and is having fun with it so good luck to her..

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